Anticipation – living with what might be (Written in hospital while chemo administered to my mom)

An interim blog

What is the value of worrying about what might be? It is OK to plan to go forward, to reach a goal, to achieve a result. But worry? Why? Will it make a difference other than raise your blood pressure, make you sweat, upset your stomach? Living in the state of “What if” prevents us from engaging the “How might we?”

Right now, I have lots of “how might I” on the table. Every now and then a “What if” creeps into my psyche and that is when my stomach churns and I get surly with the kid behind the counter. And what did I achieve? I lost an opportunity to make a new friend and felt lousy.

As I deal with my “how might I”, I am faced with a bunch of Fabulous(see previous blog) people who are making me face who I am, what I love and who I might be. The best news is that when I listen to what they are saying, some “how might we”s come out and we enter into a community spirit with real potential in the future.

Thanks to those in my network who are opening my eyes and my mind to my potential futures. These are some great Christmas gifts. What is better than insight, truth and friendship? Do not even need the $5 Hallmark card, a gift certificate or wrapping.

Some of you who read this will get a traditional gift from me at some point. To all of you who read this, my gift to you is the offer to network either by phone or in person. It is one where I hope to give as much as I will receive.

Thanks for reading!!! I do look forward to the feedback every time.


Author: John

Business Executive with Marketing, Product, Sales and General Management Experience. Currently, consulting in areas of strategic marketing, pricing excellence, key account management, and market driven innovation. Love to read, ride my bike, swim, compete in tri's, pick/drink wine, meet with friends, live life.

2 thoughts on “Anticipation – living with what might be (Written in hospital while chemo administered to my mom)”

  1. In a way I was kind of glad I did not really grasp the whole “cancer” thing with my Dad. Age was a big part but there are still other factors. Everybody is always so “busy”, myself included to just sit and think. The Monday after Thanksgiving I joined the YMCA got a personal trainer and have not missed a day yet point being is that I have to sit (and pedal) for a 1/2 every morning and think. No cell phones, no employees no anything and it is slowly becoming the best part of my day. I have your Mom in my thoughts and prayers. As you know my daughter is extremely close to Nanny and is upset about the whole thing. Keep THINKING…….


  2. John,you are depicting so well how it feels to wait in a hospital while one of your beloved ones is under treatment and all the thoughts that are rushing through your head. Felt similiar when I had to rush my mother recently at midnight into the hospital for an emergency surgery.
    We live in the present and can’t redo the past;it may look that questions like ‘what if ‘ are futile. However I see in my daily coaching practice with young and experienced leadership that this question may be very helpful in the analysis of potential problems. Also to define what you want to do in the future built on your past and present prouds and sorries. As long as the little man(or woman) in your head is not taking over sending you in that paralyzing worry frenzy.
    Hope your mother gets well.


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