To treasure, to ponder

To treasure – to keep something close to protect it. To ponder – converse with someone about the meaning.

When you are faced with the amazing, the confusing, the hard to understand, what do you do? Maybe the time is not right for action but it is perfect for observation and commitment to memory. You may want “to treasure” something because you foresee its importance or value in the future. Who knows, maybe this is a pivotal event in history that you are experiencing. Who will you tell?

This works at so many levels in life. From our personal lives to our professional interactions, this can add depth to our relationships. We treasure what is important to us but, if we keep if solely to ourselves, is it really of any value? Could sharing it create new opportunity? Would your friends, co-workers, clients, suppliers help you if they knew? This is where the pondering comes in. Pondering is meant to be a discussion to help us share the meaning and it allows us to help develop a better future.

So, as I enter 2010, one of my goals is to do a better job of “pondering” our ”treasures” with my family, friends, co-workers, co-networkers. I value my quiet, solo time but, how much better can I be when I share my ideas, values and experiences with others? Maybe we can together find that nugget that will set a new opportunity in motion. Who knows what great things might happen when we improve communications? Willing to work with me?

“And a Happy New Year, Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear” J. Lennon

(Special thanks to Pastor Brenda for provoking my thoughts today!)


Author: John

Business Executive with Marketing, Product, Sales and General Management Experience. Currently, consulting in areas of strategic marketing, pricing excellence, key account management, and market driven innovation. Love to read, ride my bike, swim, compete in tri's, pick/drink wine, meet with friends, live life.

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