Dealing with Change

We live in a world of goals, plans to achieve and passion in action. These are all critical to success. However, there are two actions we must put in our review process. First, where have you come from? That is, let us measure, at least in part, versus improvement from the past versus what we think the perfect ending would be. Second, how will you make decisions when conditions change from what was expected?

Too often, we set a perfect future picture and we make progress toward it but often that progress looks slow and minimal. To maintain motivation, it is good to celebrate what improvements have occurred since setting out toward our goals. We should also be sure that our goals are measurable, achievable and timely and not some ideal condition that only exists in our mind. So, celebrate progress – – Then set a new goal.

The world is not a static place. It is constantly changing – entropy to the scientist. It causes randomness in our world. This randomness requires decision making along the way. It is critical to have the right information but the best are decisive in their changes – even if the decisions are not perfect. They do not waste too much time mulling the options over. They decide on a new tactic to deal with the change and move on toward their goal.

Over the last 6 weeks, I decided to focus on my parents and was glad to have that ability. I am now back into the hunt for my next opportunity. I have met with some great contacts over the last week – a co-worker from my early engineering days who has started a new company, a network acquaintance who has recently landed her near perfect job, and a CEO who has led his company for 25 years and created a great company with a great culture. They shared their stories, their passions for their work, and contacts who might help me find my next opportunity.

I would welcome any contact about potential opportunities or networking connections you might have for me. Also, if you need help with strategic planning, marketing analysis, or product portfolio analysis, please contact me. I would be glad to help.

Glad to be back to blogging and I will work to make this a weekly event again.

Have a fabulous day!


Author: John

Business Executive with Marketing, Product, Sales and General Management Experience. Currently, consulting in areas of strategic marketing, pricing excellence, key account management, and market driven innovation. Love to read, ride my bike, swim, compete in tri's, pick/drink wine, meet with friends, live life.

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