Pay Attention!!!!

How are we successful? Pay Attention! Consider the Possibilities! Experiment! Take Risks! Solve Problems!
Oh, and share your “song”.


Great marketing really comes from being open to the possibilities.  To do that requires paying attention.  How often do we dismiss an offhand comment and sarcastic remark as irrelevant?  Have you ever misjudged a person because of initial impressions or your own assumptions only to find out that they are a potentially valuable ally for the future?  I have done both.  My goal is to do less of that in the future because each incident offers an opportunity to change the future and improve me.

So what is the answer?

Consider the possibilities!

Before you dismiss anything or prejudge, take the time to listen and to think about it.  Too often we rush to judgment due to preconceptions or fears.  This attempt to deal with the urgent and feared issues often distracts us from the real important issues that can change our future.  So gift yourself some thinking time to really envision the future you can create.


  • Why are you fearful
  • Will my decision/indecision really come back to haunt me

or will it set me on a new exciting path?

  • You will learn, gain wisdom, and prove your abilities

Then experiment and take some risks.  We get up and head out every day.  We have opportunities open to us at every turn.

Finally, be a problem solver.  Find the needs in your sphere of influence, reach out, form teams and then get down to finding the solution.  It is too easy to complain or be the victim.  It is much harder but oh so much more rewarding to be the solution maker.

Go out there and have a fabulous day and week.  Find that problem and solve it.

Check back next week for another random thought.



P.S. – What song are you carrying inside you?  Let it out!!!

P.P.S – If you are wondering what that means, please go back and watch the attached video from March 16 blog.  Come on – you will really enjoy it and have some fun.  Share it with your team.

Building your business: Choose your strategy, give a free prize, choose the best customers

What do you sell with your product? Are you focused on convenience and price(McDonalds, Walmart) and the “experience” (Wegmans, Starbucks). This is the choice we make every day as we build our business and decide how to engage the people we want as customers. There is no right or wrong here but each carries with it a culture that must be respected to maintain success. So, if you are in charge of the strategic plan, make the choice. You must. It defines where you will invest.

How do you get the new customer engaged? What do you offer “Free” to get them to the table to start the conversation about what they value enough to invest in you? While Crackerjack® mix is good, I am guessing their differentiation is the “Free Inside.” How many children’s cereal has that as the enticement? Human nature does not change – It just matures and becomes a bit more skeptical. Overcome the skepticism.

Finally, do you treat all customers equal? If so, why? It is OK if you do, particularly if you are in the transactional model above. Based on the tenets of Value Pricing, you are probably better served by segmenting your customers by their interest in added features and services that support growth of the top line and the bottom line. For most of my career, we have focused on treating all customers fairly but not equally. Customer Inequality as a driver will help you find improved profitability in your business.

P.S. Please watch this – it is the message I walked away from Leadership Week with after interacting with Tom and Elaine Brady ( and the super humans from Wegmans as well as Richard. Please participate when asked!