Possibility Thinking

Great people are those who can make others feel that they, too, can become great.

Mark Twain

Who do you choose to follow?  Look around you.  As you meet people, do they inspire you to look for how you can grow and learn?   Do they give you a piece of their mind or a piece of their heart as they provide help and input?    I find I am looking to interact with those that strive for the true “Win-Win” and that comes from a great spirit and a giving heart.

By the way, true leadership is defined by followership.

I am surrounded by humble people of great capacity to teach as well as listen.   I am most drawn to the “possibility” thinkers.  They help me focus on the “how” of the future not the “if.”    I value the strategic plan that centers on “how might we……?”  –  a useful process that drives to your goal.  “If” is just a reason to wait and procrastinate.    I continue to look for more learning opportunities.

Each new encounter is a possibility.  This past weekend opened several opportunities to meet new people who offered to introduce me to new people.  In addition, some old friends have reached out to put me in contact with some great potential next steps for me.

Cheers until next time


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If you have not read “Oh, the places you’ll go!’ by Dr. Seuss, you should.  Even if you have, re-read it.  Much of what is required to succeed in life is there – plus his fantasy writing will take you out of your box and get you thinking.  It is not just for graduates!!

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