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We really do need each other!

Every day we make choices whether to go it alone or go together.

While I need and value my “alone” time, I know the best way for me to succeed is by building or finding a team of talented people with a desire to help others succeed.    By working with others in partnership, I can learn, ask for help, solve bigger problems, get good counsel, and find relationships for the future.

Partnership works well at all levels.  Companies today cannot be all things due to investment constraints.  A great way around that restriction is to find someone who has the assets you need and partner.  That works locally as well as internationally.  Entering a new market?  Find a local expert who will appreciate your company.  Looking for new opportunities?  Partner and share your network connections to support each other.

None of us can succeed on our own.  We need to reach out and offer some help.  Your giving will be returned many times over.  Just be patient.

Ultimately, look for the win-win.  If you strive for a win at all costs, you diminish your success and it will be fleeting.  Life is not a Zero-Sum game where I have to lose in order for you to win.  Finding the common goals we share will allow us to partner for winning.  Help grow the world by proposing things that enhance and build value for yourself, your suppliers, your customers.  By helping the whole value chain, we strengthen it for future use and always outperform the competition.

Hope you all have a great week.


PS: I am pursuing  some great opportunities and I am continuing to search for others.  If anyone has input or ideas, they are always welcome.  Also, as usual, if there is something I can help you with, please let me know.

Marketing IS your business!!

We all know that marketing is all about the 4 P’s – product, price, place, promotion – and the 3 C’s – customer, competition, company – but have you heard about the 5 T’s?(Adrian Ott, 2007)

Marketing can lead the organization with the information it provides.  Ideally, marketing turns customer voices into company choices.  These choices are investing in operations, R&D, marketing communications, people,  and acquisitions.  They guide the deployment of expensive assets.

To truly lead the corporation, the 5T’s are critical to drive sustainable growth:

Telesis –planned progress toward a new state  – (Total strategy per Ott) –  This is critical – planned action versus reaction.  Do you strategically manage your portfolio of products, new product development, acquisitions etc.?  What is your process to turn website browsers into long term customers or more importantly, fans?  Do you define where you will not invest as clearly as where you will?  Have you identified the “white space” or “Blue Oceans” where you can take your company?  I chose telesis as I value the planning to progress.

Techniques – these are the processes you will teach your team.  It will be the “way we do things here.”    Some will be immutable rules that are required.  However, vibrant and entrepreneurial teams  allow some freedom to make changes on the fly – experimentation if you will.  However, with this freedom comes accountability – admit mistakes, commit to teaching others the new technique, documentation of the experience, take ownership.

Tracking – Know speed and direction of your progress.  Use a dashboard based on your strategic goals.  Keep your focus on the future using the rearview mirror only to protect you from competition and avoid problems.  Do we have predictive models to help direct next actions?  Are our forecasts useful tools that we can depend on or are they just a once a year or once a quarter guess at what will happen?  How can we do better?

Technology – How do we integrate what we learn into the ongoing business intelligence of the organization?  We team with IT to look for solutions – Finance, Marketing, R&D, Operations.  Marketing specific opportunities are online customer interaction, market research management, customer resource management, decision making resources.  Can we make it easier for our customers to buy from us?

Talent – Do we have the right people in the right places and do we provide the right training to build to the future?  Do they fit well with the team and can they take there turn as a leader?

Make these part of your company’s foundation and you will be building a solid future.

Have a great week!!


I am not necessarily talking about the “fun” or “sports” version here.  I am talking about re-create – to create again.  Just how can we change and renew ourselves, our business, our relationships, our life?

“and on the seventh day, He rested.”  Genesis 2:2

Yes – there it is.  He took time to think and reflect and ponder(see blog from January 4).  Over the past few days, I have had time to recreate.  Some it was the traditional idea of physical fun(at least for me).  I took a swim in a windy stormy lake and had to fight one day and two mornings later, the lake was glass and the swim was a meditation as I watched the sunrise with each turn of the head to breathe.  I also completed 72 miles on my bike raising money for diabetes.  (Thanks to all who contributed and congrats to those who participated!!!)

The biking “recreation” created a microcosm of business building for me.  Initially, we milled around and rode in a group talking and greeting.  We exchanged pleasantries, information and ideas.  Networking!!   Then, as we split into different speeds, I found myself alone with time to think about my life and my goals.  This time in transition until I find the next opportunity, has taught me to value this time but to catalog ideas as they come.

Then, I joined a pace line and this allowed me to travel faster with less effort because of teamwork.  Taking turns leading, you only have to fight the wind part of the time.  When done with your turn in leadership, you drop back into the group but now out of the wind.  Someone else takes the lead and provides the energy to get you toward your goal.

The pace line is a great analogy of high performing teams within business.  Different skill sets work together to take the leadership position when the time is right to keep the team at optimum pace and creating best results.

That is what great companies provide for their employees – a place to create a team where each member is driven to perform at the max but then given the safety to recover and prepare for the next push.

So right now may be a great time and place for you to recreate  – yourself, your business, your goals.  But when done, you need to form or join a supportive driven team that can race along at high speed to deliver you toward the goals set.

Happy trails.

Understand their pain!

This is perhaps the best advice any of my mentors have ever given me.  This little statement provides much of what you need to succeed in life and in business.  Many consultative sales programs begin with this rule as their base.

So what does it provide?

Empathy – When you understanding what is hurting someone, you can now connect you to them.  You can now apply your gifts and talents to help them.

Network – It gives the opportunity to connect to others who have seen this problem in the past.  You can reach out and ask for help as you seek to better understand the possible solutions.

Education – It offers you the right as well as the chance to learn about them and their business.   As you educate yourself in the key aspects of the issue, you grow as a person and as a resource.

Value – The value of friendship, the value of being a counselor, the value of consultation, the value of knowledge, the value of friendship.  When you have understood and learned about the problem and the potential solutions, you offer a real value.

Trust – Ahh, the “Trust Bucket.”  We all have them and we all need them.  We need to focus on the actions we can take to fill the Trust Buckets of those in our networks.  This requires being open, honest, helpful as well as listening.  —   Take deep care not to “spill” any of the trust – Refilling is much harder.

Leadership – help lead them from their pain to the best solution.  Lead others to the party to grow the team who can solve this problem.  Lead the teaching of pain avoidance in the future.

Teaching – help them learn how to avoid this pain in the future.

Friendship – while not all will be close friends, you will develop a bond with them.  When we work with others in a time of adversity, we form a relationship forged in fires of emotion.  These are often long remembered.

Now, go help them relieve their pain.  As you do, you will feel fulfilled.  Build your network with people you have helped.  Do not be afraid to ask others for help.  When you do, you will also have found your best life.

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Instant Communication – The revolution and where it started

Today, we live in a world where conversations and communication happen at the press of a button.  Instantly, we are connected – sometimes whether or not we want to be.  Where and when did this revolution start?  What was the first event to be globally communicated within moments of it occurring?

A recent road trip and the generosity of a friend gave me the opportunity to ponder this change and how it occurred.  The book(on CD) was Krakatoa by Simon Winchester.  In 1883, when Krakatoa, a 2,700 ft volcano,  erupted and ceased to exist, the event was telegraphed via sub-oceanic cables around the world in a matter of hours.  This was the first truly global event communicated in real time.

In the intervening 127 years, events are broadcast real time with live pictures which do not depend on a single person.  We are all reporters now with phones which provide video and audio feed on  a global basis.

So how do we separate the important information from the merely sensational?  How do you decide who is delivering trusted information and not merely an opinion or one-sided view?

Your brand can be enhanced or destroyed in a single event.  How you handle the new communications are critical.  Do you have a plan in place to develop and disseminate the strategic communications your network and market requires?  What is that instant message or tweet you want to send that builds your brand equity?

Social networking is the new communication model.   What is in your plan to deal with the changing landscape?

Cheers until next time


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PPS:  If you are interested in a book that addresses the real changes here, consider Shadows’ Revolution by Orestes Carvalho (  He will help you rethink how you communicate and strategize.  Because we are in the midst of this massive revolution of communication, we do not always see the effect.  Ideas in this book will change how you view new product development, distribution channels, supply chains, product commercialization.  How will our business models need to change based on this revolution?