No deceit

Today’s reading was about Nathanael, “a man with no deceit”. Wow, isn’t that what we all want? If all of our dealings were honest and open, we would move forward faster. But when we suspect that someone is hiding something(deceit), then we get suspicious and we hold back. What if we put all of our thoughts and concerns on the table?

Going farther, do we let our “glop”ping (General Labeling Of People) get us started down this slippery slope? As William Barclay said in The Master’s Men, I am certainly “hampered by my prejudice but willing to be enlightened”.

I do not care where life takes you this week -work, shopping, volunteering, or the villages and roads of Afghanistan(thoughts and prayers to Chris and all our troops) – try to understand your prejudice and be open to change and new views. Maybe it will be a political view, or a strange accent, or someone who is “different”, give it a chance. Where life and limb is at stake, be wise to be safe but be open.

Hope the first two weeks of 2012 has been good for you. Just think what you can accomplish in the next 50.


Who are you and why are you here?

Can you answer these questions? Oh, I know. You have your “brand statement” or maybe your elevator speech. But really, right now. In this moment, do you have an answer?

Shouldn’t we know the answer each day and every moment? If not, what the heck are you doing? Not knowing means you are letting someone else define your life. Or worse yet, you are just wandering around lost.

So every day, be yourself. That is your brand. Be true to who you are. None of us are good enough to fake it all the time. So, why try? But have a plan about why you showed up today. Know your value in this moment and this situation. You will be successful and people will seek you out because they know you come ready to deliver.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. Chris has arrived to his location in Afghanistan and is settling in. Please pray for all our troops. I miss him but know he will represent America and our values in every way. Chris has asked that anyone who can ship toiletries and preserved foods over to send them to other Americans who are in worse conditions than he is. If anyone is interested in helping, you can contact me directly and we will work out the specifics. Thanks in advance.