None of the secrets of success work!!!
—– Until you do.

 This is on the T-shirts and posters for the local YMCA swim team(Ocean County Tiger Sharks). Always found it clever. I have to respect the parents and coaches for reinforcing the idea that working hard and having passion for what you are doing catalyze your success.

All those books out there that talk of the success of someone in business or the “culture” that drove the success of another company certainly have something to teach us. However, there is no secret that will trigger your success like hard work and passion for what you do. The only thing other thing that successful people seem to have – a knack for understanding other people and what might help them.

That means you have to go to where the ideas are – your customers, people who might use your idea.

These thoughts were reinforced when I received a link to the School of Success – Leadership for Kids ( It was a list of 11 rules. Go read them but one caught my eye:

Rule 10: You have to leave the coffee shop and go to the jobs.

Coffee shop, my desk, the house, the local library your networking group, etc. You can put your own place of safety and comfort in there. Real life means engaging with real people. That means risk. Take your ideas on the road. Earn the right to succeed by helping others.

Good luck this week! Remember NOTSOSWUYD!!!

P.S. I would ask that you keep my son, Chris, and his teammate in your thoughts and prayers. He is being moved to a more remote and less supported part of Afghanistan. He will have no running water and no well. They will be living in mud huts in the mountains in the Afghan winter – highs around 20F. In a month, he has taken care of some IEDs and learned about the good and the bad in all people.