Another trip around the sun

One year ago, the last time I spoke with Chris, it was all about the future and the plans he had for life.  As I face today, one year from that terrible, horrible day learning of his death to an IED in Afghanistan, that conversation is fresh and treasured memory. Time has not changed the hole that was left in my heart and my life and I have learned to pour memories into the hole and let them flow through the empty space.  Now, instead of a hole, I have a conduit to him.

What is important to my now and my future:

1. Love of family – Being able to spend time with my family remembering him and the little things about his life.  Gayle, Amanda, Meredith, Nate – you mean the world to me.

2.  Love of friends –  those who have stood next to us each step of the  way with no questions or criticisms, giving us the emotional support to keep going on those days when we did not want to even think about a next step.  Those who have become friends through our common grief are also a strong part of our life.

3. Pictures –  almost every picture shows him with a smile and most have him with someone he loved and cared about – and I cherish every one.

4.  The stories and experiences of those with him through life as he prepared for and then eventually deployed.  Soccer teams, school mates, UPenn ROTC, EOD MU3, Army ODA unit. – thank you all for your stories.  To those who have and continue to go into harms way, thank you for the burden you bear each day for the rest of us who sleep comfortably each night.

5.  Time – Sometimes alone, sometimes with someone

6.  Purpose – life is just too empty and short without it.  What are the critical projects, causes and ideas I will dedicate myself to going forward?

So, our family has a busy couple weeks here.  A family time to remember and grieve a bit on Friday, a birthday, an anniversary, and a trip to the EOD Memorial where Chris’ name will go up with those who have given their full measure – so a busy time full of emotions – sadness, love, pride.  Our family will mix with the military family and we will honor those from the EOD community who left us this past year and remember those who passed before them.

So, today, April 26, please take a moment to say a prayer and remember a life well lived but far too short.  Be thankful if you were blessed to have known him, his smile and his love for his life, his friends and his family.  And raise a glass and give a big “Hoo Rah, Lieutenant Chris Mosko”.

Some Gave All – Billy Cyrus

“Love your country and live with pride, remember those who died.

America can’t you see”

“All gave some, some gave all.

Some stood true for the red white and blue, and some had to fall.

“So if you ever think of me, think of all your liberties.

And recall that some gave all.”


Author: John

Business Executive with Marketing, Product, Sales and General Management Experience. Currently, consulting in areas of strategic marketing, pricing excellence, key account management, and market driven innovation. Love to read, ride my bike, swim, compete in tri's, pick/drink wine, meet with friends, live life.

2 thoughts on “Another trip around the sun”

  1. John,
    Very well said. I have thought about you often this past year. I have Chris’s sticker on my computer so people will ask what it is and I can tell them the story about your incredible son and the sacrifice he made. I will also take the time on Father’s Day to read your posting then which I still find to be one of the most touching pieces of writing I have ever read.
    I will raise a glass for Chris this evening,
    Thank you,
    Mike Gregerson


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