Happy Memorial Day? I think not.

Proudly holding the American Flag

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Navy EOD MU3 (PLT381 in partic

Army Special Forces Command(Airborne) (ODA3423 in particular)ular)

Over the years, Memorial Day has been so many different things. It was the holiday that was the gateway to the summer. It was bicycle races in Somerville. It was picnics at the Martins. But, thanks to Dad, it was always a day where we thought about the men and women in uniform who have sacrificed. There were the parades and the visits to services at cemeteries or monuments where those who fell in war were remembered. And maybe because of this, Chris and Poppi always had a special bond and respect for each other.    We remember.

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The past one year, one month, and one day (as of Memorial Day 2013) has been a repetition of memorial days. The day was set aside as a time of reflection for our nation to remember, respect and honor those who gave their lives so that others may live. Every single day since 17:15 hours EST April 26, 2012 – the moment we knew – I have done nothing but remember, respect, honor and …… grieve. About 14 hours before that, Chris, Dick, and Brandon along with Fibi, the bomb dog, were hit by an IED on some dirt road in Eastern Afghanistan and gave their lives in service to their country. Then in August, Sean was added to that list. While only a few of the names have personal meaning to me, each name on the list has someone like me looking at it and remembering.


But Memorial Day is now filled with the knowledge and subsequent anxiety of knowing there are many others still in harm’s way protecting our way of life as well as just protecting locals in Afghanistan, East Africa and other international hotspots. I know some of their names and I know some of their loved ones. So while I remember Chris and the others who have died, I will be praying for each and every man and woman who stands up and offers to serve their country knowing the potential dangers they could face.

So, by all means, this Memorial Day, please remember those who have died in service to their country. It is important that we not forget the people they were, who they loved, what they stood for and grasp the potential that was lost when each of them was taken from us.

More importantly, do something that remembers and honors the living. The men and women who are active in our services today deserve our respect and support. Those who come back injured, physically or emotionally, deserve our respect, our attention and our support. And, finally, the spouses, parents, siblings, and those close to the fallen need and deserve our respect and compassion as they face this day which means so much more to each of them due to what they have lost.o, by all means, this Memorial Day, please remember those who have died in service to their country. It is important that we not forget the people they were, who they loved, what they stood for and grasp the potential that was lost when each of them was taken from us.

May God watch over and bless all of our Armed Services and their families this Memorial Day.


Hooyah, EOD Techs  LT. Chris Mosko and PO 1st Class Sean Carson!

Hooah Staff Sgt. Brandon Eagleston and Staff Sgt. Dick Lee!

A grateful nation honors and remembers you for your sacrifice!

And our hearts and prayers are with your families for their sacrifice!

We Remember!

John Mosko  23 May 2013


Author: John

Business Executive with Marketing, Product, Sales and General Management Experience. Currently, consulting in areas of strategic marketing, pricing excellence, key account management, and market driven innovation. Love to read, ride my bike, swim, compete in tri's, pick/drink wine, meet with friends, live life.

4 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day? I think not.”

  1. this made me cry. because you lost your son, and because I could do more than I have . This year, Memorial Day will be just that. Regardless of what else I am doing, I will take time to pray for those we lost, and for those who have served, and who continue to serve our country.


    1. Thanks, Vicki. It is people like you who help make it just a little bit easier for people like me to move forward each day. See you soon!


  2. This was beautifully said, John. You can be sure that we will always remember Chris and all the good that he did. He was an admirable young man, and a pleasure to be in the presence of. I think that we are all better people for having known him. A day does not go by that I recall his sky blue eyes and his infectious sense of humor. Having attended the EOD Memorial in Florida made me even more aware of the sacrifice that all of our armed forces have made, whether it is physical or emotional. They are a fearless group, and we owe everything we have to their fortitude and courage. I remember watching a young man proudly dressed in his formal Marine Corp uniform awkwardly cross the hall twenty feet away from me, and then realizing that all of his limbs were prothetics. It was so humbling, I didn’t know what to do. This past year has brought me to my knees. I pray for Chris, and all the men and women in harm’s way. Memorial Day is without a doubt our Country’s most important holiday.


  3. Whenever tragedy strikes; Newtown CT and Monroe OK are recent examples; my thoughts go to the families that must cope with terrible losses. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reminding us of the terrible losses experienced by those in and directly supporting the military.

    No words will ever dull the pain of loss. Genuine respect and appreciation for those that support our nation’s ideals seems insignificant compared to the sacrifice paid by many and the pain experienced by their family and friends.


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