John Mosko – Marketing Leadership

Driven to help others succeed, I create strategic growth opportunities.  Entrepreneurial by nature, building teams which deliver sustainable competitive advantage is my passion.  Listening to customers, market leaders, and coworkers, I develop and execute action plans to turn ideas into sales, profits and corporate value.    Inquisitive and driven to learn, I discover and act on unmet and often unarticulated market/customer needs. I align resources to capitalize and profit by delivering valued products and services.  With international experience, I collaborate across cultures and drive a robust decision making process.  My goal is a Win-Win relationship.  Global partners value my ability to deliver critical messages from the board room to the shop floor with sensitivity and understanding.

With experience in markets from wireless mobile to nuclear energy, from printed wiring to chemical process, I am quick to learn the market dynamics and use the developed business intelligence to drive effective decision making.  I have a background in general management, product management, business development and strategic marketing.  My ultimate goal is profitable business growth which eclipses market averages.


4 thoughts on “John Mosko – Marketing Leadership”

  1. John,
    Nice work!
    I was thinking today, how when we were growing up, we all hated writing essays, we wanted multiple choice.
    Now, so many are writing, and writing well! Like you!
    Good job,


  2. John,

    You and I have never met but we share a common tie and that is that our son’s had the opportunity to be in each other’s lives. My oldest, Darin Stockman is also a Lt in the Navy stationed at NAS Mayport, FL flying SH-60 helicopters. Today he grieves for Chris and Amanda – he has lost a true friend and shipmate… Chris was supposed to be Darin’s best man in his wedding and Darin his when Chris married Amanda – unfortunately military life has a way of throwing a hurdle into the best laid plans and neither got to share in their wedding days… My heart goes out to you and your family in this time of sorrow. I pray every day for the service men and women serving their country and after serving 22 years myself I realize today what path my son’s have chosen, Darin in the Navy and his younger brother Robert in the Marine Corps, and while I am very proud I am very troubled in not being able to protect them… God bless Chris, you and your family. Bob Stockman


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