What can I do now?

Just read QBQ! – The question behind the question® (click will take you to the site) by  John Miller.  Good, quick read.

Subtitle- Eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination.

Simple enough read but application will transform lives and businesses.  It drives you to live in a world of possibility.  What can I do now to help make things better?  How can I change to communicate more clearly?  Now, be accountable.

The book points out the “victim” mentality many deal with on a day to day basis.   Why did “they” do that?  When will he be finished so I can do my job?  Why isn’t she a better boss?  Why don’t they listen to me?

By the way, leadership is an action not a title.  It is how you think.  Leaders are able to step up and take charge when necessary.  They are accountable for their actions.  But they are also able to coach, mentor, help, remove obstacles, build rapport, teach, and, yes, do.  Leaders see the problems and show them to the right people(experts) and let those right people take the action.  Hence, Lao Tzu – The best leader is where the people say “We did it ourselves.”

So, begin with “me”, ask the right questions, and act now.  Simple enough.

So look around and ask  “What” and “How” and focus on your personal action.  Then, Just Do It! ®

 So, what can I do to help you today?



P.S. – Many who read this may not see themselves in Marketing, but you all are.  Marketing is about eyes and ears of the business.  Can you imagine living without seeing and hearing what is going on around you?  So, please listen and watch and become part of the “Marketing” team that helps drive your business to succeed.

P.P.S. – I have started a new group to discuss Market Leadership issues on LinkedIn.  This is not just for Market Functions!  All are invited.  As I said above, you are the eyes and ears of your organization. Participate!!  Help us all get better at running the business.  Click here – Rochester International Market Leaders Association


Understand their pain!

This is perhaps the best advice any of my mentors have ever given me.  This little statement provides much of what you need to succeed in life and in business.  Many consultative sales programs begin with this rule as their base.

So what does it provide?

Empathy – When you understanding what is hurting someone, you can now connect you to them.  You can now apply your gifts and talents to help them.

Network – It gives the opportunity to connect to others who have seen this problem in the past.  You can reach out and ask for help as you seek to better understand the possible solutions.

Education – It offers you the right as well as the chance to learn about them and their business.   As you educate yourself in the key aspects of the issue, you grow as a person and as a resource.

Value – The value of friendship, the value of being a counselor, the value of consultation, the value of knowledge, the value of friendship.  When you have understood and learned about the problem and the potential solutions, you offer a real value.

Trust – Ahh, the “Trust Bucket.”  We all have them and we all need them.  We need to focus on the actions we can take to fill the Trust Buckets of those in our networks.  This requires being open, honest, helpful as well as listening.  —   Take deep care not to “spill” any of the trust – Refilling is much harder.

Leadership – help lead them from their pain to the best solution.  Lead others to the party to grow the team who can solve this problem.  Lead the teaching of pain avoidance in the future.

Teaching – help them learn how to avoid this pain in the future.

Friendship – while not all will be close friends, you will develop a bond with them.  When we work with others in a time of adversity, we form a relationship forged in fires of emotion.  These are often long remembered.

Now, go help them relieve their pain.  As you do, you will feel fulfilled.  Build your network with people you have helped.  Do not be afraid to ask others for help.  When you do, you will also have found your best life.

Until next time,



PS:  To all of you who contributed to my Tour de Cure Ride this weekend, many many thanks. You helped me surpass my goal by several times and reminded me that I should always set my goals at the highest level.  People will amaze you in how they will help.  I will proudly wear the Tour de Cure jersey awarded to those who raised over $500.  Thanks!!

Just getting started!

Happy Father-in-lawEntering into the blogosphere is a new thing for me and I want something informs and is fun.

As I have started my search for a new opportunity, I have gone back to my roots of products which capture customers for life. A recent experience delighted me – the customer – when the provider(Hotel Indigo in San Diego) heard our problem and delivered on our unarticulated desires.

So, why the picture? My new daughter-in-law, Amanda, and the story of her wedding day– Do I look happy?

Chris(my son) and Amanda are both Navy officers and had been trying to plan a wedding which was hard with potential deployments. After much frustration, they decided to have a small, intimate, immediate family wedding with a few friends on Friday, October 2. With Pastor Daryl to officiate, the plan was for Embarcadero Park looking out at Coronado Island in San Diego. That morning, the Moskos and the Fischers took a walk to survey the space, only to find people for a wedding at 4pm (same as us) from the Hyatt squatting the space for about 150 people.

What to do?

Ask the Hotel Indigo, part of the ICHotels, for use of the 9th floor terrace. We just wanted the space – no frills required. Darrin and Kimberly said we could have the space. Then, they gave the girls a suite to get dressed in, set up a wedding arbor, provided flowers, a runner strewn with fresh petals, a table with a champagne toast and then hors devours after the ceremony. Oh, and at 4 when the ceremony was supposed to start –RAIN– in the park, they were wet.   We went inside and just postponed for 20 minutes and then perfection.  A great ceremony with a wonderful group of people.

Later that night and after a great dinner, back to the terrace for drinks and then the Padres set off fireworks after their game – terrace looks into Petco park. We assume the Padres knew it was Chris and Amanda’s wedding day.

Now when I wonder if I will create a life-long customer, I know what it takes. You must delight the customer – anything else is ordinary. I knew that but Darrin and Kimberly reminded me. Thanks, Hotel Indigo – not sure how the day could have turned out better!

I hope to blog at least once each week on something I learned or a great experience.  Who knows what that will be?